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Bankruptcy Monitoring

Phin Solutions provides a multi-sourced bankruptcy notification solution delivering complete, timely, accurate and actionable bankruptcy information. Our database contains bankruptcy information from 1995 forward to present and is updated daily. The database contains both consumer and business bankruptcy information encompassing all bankruptcy chapters (7, 9, 11, 12, 13, 15 and 304B). Using our software, this information is combined with the courts Electronic Bankruptcy Noticing Service (EBN)when applicable, providing:

  • Notice of Filing (341 Notice)
  • Notice of Discharge
  • Notice of Dismissal
  • Notice of Conversion
  • Notice of Asset
  • Reopened case notification
  • Notice of case transfer
  • Withdrawn case notification
The Noticing Network Solution can deliver bankruptcy information directly to creditors within the creditors secure network or as a hosted ASP service. If data security is a concern the Noticing Network Software can be installed behind the creditors firewall.
Our software identifies bankrupt debtors within your customer portfolio and delivers the relevant bankruptcy information to the creditor on a daily basis. No need to send your valuable customer data outside your environment to be processed. However, if hosted bankruptcy processing is more convenient we have a secure, redundant, processing center to manage and customize a bankruptcy noticing solution to meet creditor’s needs.

Real-Time Case Verification

A differentiating feature to our service is our case verification processes. When we identify a bankrupt consumer within your portfolio based upon your business rules we will go out to the court and gather additional information if needed or verify the status of the case. This ensures that you are taking the correct actions on that specific account and making sound business decisions.


  • Re-deploy human resources opening the mail and verifying third party bankruptcy information.
  • Reduce bankruptcy information cost by 50-60% per month.
  • Receive bankruptcy notice information the day after it is filed directly from the court including 341 notice, conversion, discharge and dismissal notices.
  • Drive earlier recovery processes on all discharged and dismissed cases.
  • Identify deceased individuals earlier so you can begin the probate process.
  • Maintain the privacy of your customer information.
  • Mitigate lawsuits using the Federal Court Sponsored Electronic Notification System.

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